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Library Lady Leak v. 12

Ho! Ho! Ho Boy! What a Winter Holiday!

Firstly, I would like to apologize for no BCE Library News the last few weeks. Life got in the way. I hope you all enjoyed your vacation as much as I did.

So let's see what I forgot to report on...we had an amazing show by Julian Franklin in the BCE Library. He was hilarious and kids of all ages enjoyed his humor, magic, and puppet show. After the performance, we had a run on magic books. There was a point in time that there were no magic books available for check out. Students have been requesting the Texas Bluebonnet Book Nominee The Vanishing Coin after Mr. Franklin gave it rave reviews. Mr. Franklin was scheduled to do five shows but he was kind enough to do the sixth show for kinder at no additional cost. The kids loved it!

One thing that I loved about his show was the look on the children's faces as he admired their thinking and encouraged them to be authors, scientists and teachers.

May I just say that we have some amazing thespians in fourth grade! Students took a script for the Texas Bluebonnet Book Nominee Always Abigail and ran with it. They added props, humor, and true acting skills. Jelani B., Sophia D., Viviana G., Abigail G., Lea S. have impressive acting chops. Janette Y. really came prepared for her act, but her team was not as enthused. She has already asked for more opportunities to act.

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The first three people to email me a "Happy New Year" will win bagels for their teams on Friday morning.