Animals At C.O.W. Night

Live animals will be in the science lab area

Animals is the science lab

Animals In the Science Lab

The Cushman Crew - lizard

Finley Kennedy- sugar glider

Kacie Cox- Rabbit

Avery Bemus- Yoshi the Beardie

Levi Smith-Gecko

Kason Birmingham- cat

Animals in the Oaktree Gym

Animals in the Oaktree Gym

Reese Wagner- Poppy (dog)

Ava Bryan - dog

Trisha and Aaron Nelson- Roxie (chocolate lab)

Lucik’s - golden retriever

Mia Debusschere- Finn (dog)

Leo Malan- golden retriever

Ava Campa - Guido (pug)

Alba Arnesen- puppy

Raelyn Smith - dog

Hannah Csirke- golden retriever

Ava and Natalee Kissel - Tess (dog)

Tre Braganini- dog

Special Guest in the Title One Room

Read with Caesar in the Title One Room