Hardware and software


is the physical part of the computer that you can touch and that is not behind the screen, such as monitor, screen, mouse, cable and disc.

computer inputs are: computer outputs are:

  • keyboard
  • mouse
  • sat nav
  • cables
  • computer outputs are:
  • printer
  • speakers
  • motor
  • buttons

hardware is a part of the computer system that you can carry around with you and don't just have it in your computer.


the non physical part of the computer that you can not touch like the icons or storage and save documents such as word, PowerPoint, internet and Google chrome.

storage devices are things that you can save and keep for other times also you can save them and print them off at a different time.

some systems are.

it is a thing that functions and does all the computer things that what it should.

  • fire fox
  • Microsoft
  • power point
  • internet
  • Google
  • Google chrome

a diagram about hard ware and software

have you learned anything?