Get Excited About DSIL Challenges!

Your Pathway to the DSIL Experience + Certificate


The DSIL Challenges are created to guide and deepen your learning as you move through your individual DSIL journey. The challenges will require you to be intentional and reflective. They will also accelerate your engagement with the community. Some challenges you will need to connect with others in order complete them.

In total there are 12 'Challenges': 4 Pre-Immersion Challenges, 4 Field Immersion Challenges, 4 Post-Immersion Challenges.

If you are only in the Virtual Classroom: You will only need to complete challenges 1-4 AND 9-12.

  • Pre-Immersion Challenges encourage you look inward, and push you to connect with the DSIL community. Pre-course challenges also ask you to get in the know with the course content. Note: Pre-Course Challenges all need to be completed BEFORE you arrive at the course immersions if you take that route. We want to utilize every minute together once physically together, so please be intentional about coming prepared.

  • Field Immersion Challenges encourage you practice tools, skills and discuss theories while you are on your immersion.

  • Post Immersion Challenges guide you in reflection to think through the collective experiences you have had in a meaningful way for the future of DSIL. Expand your network, and create a final quality project that encompasses all of your learning and gets your ideas into the world.

Successfully completing all 12 of the challenges (on time and in addition to the 10 online VC reflections) is the best way to obtain the Designing For Social Innovation and Leadership Certificate from the UN mandated Graduate University, UPEACE. None of the Challenges are optional.

Here are some quick notes.

  • Everything you need to know about the challenges are on the Smore flyers linked below. Each flyer will have the important information needed such as the requirement, the deadline, and who to submit information to if needed. (
  • The challenges requirements are a baseline. How in depth you take these challenges will be a personal choice. The more you put in, the more you as well as our community will get out of them.

To start before August 18th:

To start thinking about before arriving to your field immersion:

To start preparing before December 1st:

We are so excited to meet you. Safe travels! See you in the Virtual Classroom soon!

The Challenges will be due the 15th of December, put in one file and sent to Katy!

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MEET KATY! Our Chief Education Architect and facilitator

Katy will be you primary point of contact for the 'Challenges'. Should you have any specific questions about them she is always happy to help out- you can contact her by email at

Also- a little more on her background:

Katy has spent the last ten years internationally and domestically co-creating and expanding over 15 innovative education programs in efforts to push the global community to demand more meaningful learning experiences both in what we are learning and how we go about it learning it. She has worked for organizations and communities to build engaging curriculum on emerging topics, design teacher trainings that keep culture in mind, and has even built a progressive charter school with youth that re-designed the four walls of a classroom into a city; kids go out everyday of the week to discover the world around them. As a masters graduate at the Bill Clinton School of Public Service and a Rotary Peace Fellow and Executive Coach through Haas School of Business at Berkeley, and a founding team member of DSIL. She continues to participate in building and facilitating capacity for social impact projects in South East Asia that bring all sectors together around human centered design in efforts to create lasting solutions that ultimately improve quality of life . Find out more