The Coaches Corner

January 4 - January 8

Welcome Back!

I hope that you are all feeling rested and relaxed from the break. We have a busy couple of weeks coming up!

AIMSweb testing will begin next week (January 11th-15), the schedules for this will come out early this week.

IB Update:

We are still planning on applying for authorization in April, this means that we will have the consultant coming to visit us in the next couple months. We have a few key things that need to be in place. Please look at the updates that will be sent within the next few weeks.

Also, we have the extra assessment PD coming up Saturday the 16th. We will be taking a close look at unit assessments during this time. I will send out the sign up sheet again so I can get a head count. Remember, this is optional, but if you decide not to come and your unit planners are worked on and changed you will have to be alright with that...

AIMSweb: Need to Know


K – None this week

1st – NWF – None this week

2nd - RCBM – None this week

3rd - 5th RCBM – None this week


All Students

K- None this Week

1st-5th- None this Week

Where I will be this week...

Monday: Birch Street (TC pm)

Tuesday: Cherry St.

Wednesday: Birch St., Rapid City, Cherry St.

Thursday: Birch St.

Friday: TBAISD am- Rapid City pm

Important Events this Week...

Monday, January 4th

Staff meeting after school

Wednesday, January 6th

Exchange students from Chile and Spain

8:30 Birch Street 2nd-3rd graders

10:30 Rapid City: Let's try for all of your students Pre-K-5!

1:30 Cherry St. 4th and 5th together

Thursday, January 7th

Kids Around the World

Birch St. Pre-K, K, 1

Of Interest...