Shooting A Soccer Ball!

A fun Infographic

Why the class should know.

I'm going to teach the class how to shoot a soccer ball into a goal. I think the class should learn about a new sport instead of just one sport.Also I think that they'd enjoy soccer.Soccer is a fun sport hope you enjoy it as much as me.

Your materials!

You will need a soccer ball, a goalie, cleats, and shin guards.

Placing the ball.

The ball needs to be lined with the middle of the goal. The goalie should be in the middle of the goal.
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Where to shoot?

It is best to shoot up in the top right or left corners.

What Not To Do?

The big no no is to not shoot with your toes.
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Where To Put Your Feet?

Place your non shooting foot (the foot your not shooting with) next to the ball. Now with the foot your shooting with you put behind the ball. Use your laces.

What To Do With The Foot Behind The Ball?

You need to lock your ankle. That means you point your toes toward the ground.
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Now celebrate if you scored, and keep practicing.