Strategy Exercise

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This is a game of truth or dare

The point of this excellent board game is to tell the truth, or do some mind blowing exercises. Down below I will tell you the rules and the main idea of the game.

The Creators of This Truth or Dare Adventure

Bradley Bonds, Damaruis Morton, Kerriontae Settles, and Brendan Williams are the people who spent hard time and sweat to create this.

Pictures Of The Creators


Main Idea and the Rules

The main idea of this game is to get to the start area again. Rules: Don't cheat, do the exercise, don't cry if you loose, don't brag if you win, don't move another person's game piece, and HAVE FUN.


There is one more person who helped, but he is not here, so share credit to Bradley Bonds. I don't have a picture of him right now.