Treatment of dogs in KCK

By: Alicia Alonso

Don't Ignore The Problem

I chose this specific topic because I believe that dogs in the neighborhood of Kansas City aren't being properly taken care of. I have always cared about animals and I think dogs should be treated a lot better and be cared for as if they're actually part of your family. Now the mistreatment of dogs isn't only in the neighborhoods of Kansas City but everywhere. My neighborhood can be a start in which people actually take for consideration that when you get a dog that they aren't going to stay puppies forever, they're going to get older and you're going to need to take proper care of them. You don't just get a dog, or any animal, cause they're cute, you have to understand that they see you as their parent now and they depend on you to care for them.

Not every dog in KCK is treated unfairly