Weekly Tech News

September 29, 2017

Upcoming JOT: BreakoutEdu

This upcoming week starts the next JOT series on BreakoutEDU. Wolf Lake will meet Tuesday morning. As I mentioned before, this JOT will be different than the past one. It will be completely hands on. To give you all the time I possibly can, I will be sending an email with specific instructions and information prior to each building's session. I'm really excited for this JOT and hope you can take something away from it.

Upcoming Dates:

10/3 Wolf Lake JOT

10/10 AE JOT

10/12 JR JOT

Something to Think About: Passive VS Active

I was browsing #edtechafterdark on twitter and discovered the graphic below. I think it helps to demonstrate how we need to start moving away from substitution and start providing our students opportunities to actively participate in their learning. I retweeted the graphic and the link to the National Edtech Plan.
Big image

Tech Team Projects

All 3 tech teams are working on 2 major projects which I hope to see roll out in the next few weeks. The first is a help desk where tech team members can help out their peers. The second is a technology show that will contain a variety of technology focused segments varying from basic tips to new tech in the building.

As always, feel free to email me any questions or concerns!