Southview Public School

April 4th-April 8th

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Upcoming Events

Wednesday, April 13th- MEND Classroom Circle Training (Kennedy-York & Milford)

Thursday, April 14th- David Bouchard Aboriginal Presentations (9:30-10:00 K-3 in the gym, 10:15-11:15 Gr. 4-8), Family of Schools Meeting (Jenn & Tiffany @ Selby @ 7:30-10:00)

Friday, April 15th- Tiffany away, Yearbook orders Due, Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Parent letter goes home, Pizza Day

Monday, April 18th- Wellness Week Begins!

Tuesday, April 19th- Wellness Week Activities, FSL Learning 12:25 library

Wednesday, April 20th- Wellness Week, Vice Principal's Meeting (Jenn away), Retired Teacher's of Ontario Meeting (library booked am), Parent Session on Student Mental Health (6:00 pm, library)

Thursday, April 21st- Wellness Week (donations due), Bike-A-Thon

Friday, April 22nd- Wellness Week (Bootcamp Assembly 8:00 am), Macaroni and Cheese

Monday, April 25th- Woods/Leduce & Lewis/Thomson to Gould Lake, Social Studies Inquiry CI (library booked pm), TTFM Surveys

Tuesday, April 26th- TTFM Surveys

Wednesday, April 27th- Office Administration Day, Sibling Photo Day, CONNECT conference, TTFM Surveys

Thursday, April 28th- Performance, "Violet's the Pilot" (K-6 in the gym @ 10:00), K Gymnastics 12-1 Woods/Leduc, 1:15-2:15 Zwiers/Virgin, SAC 6:30, TTFM Surveys

Friday, April 29th- Swiss Chalet, TTFM Surveys (closes May 6th)

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Health & Wellness Resource K-6

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Leftover Easter Eggs?

Why not incorporate them into a physical activity while burning off extra energy in our students? Who wouldn't love these two favourite activities combined...eating chocolate and doing burpees? ;)
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Learning Together, Embracing Differences

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Week Ahead

Monday, April 4th- (Day 3)

Tuesday, April 5th- (Day 4)

  • Right to Read (Gr. 3 Classes & Library 3:45-5:15)
  • Spin-A-Thon Mtg 8:30

Wednesday, April 6th- (Day 5)

  • Free Staff Zumba with Tricia (3:50)

Thursday, April 7th- (Day 1)

  • Staff Meeting 8:00 am (Divisional)
  • Right to Read (Gr. 3 Classes & Library 3:45-5:15)
  • Mental Health Conference (Tiffany away)
  • Yearbook Club/Team photos (blue stairs 11:15 or 1:15...students will be called over the announcements)

Friday, April 8th- (Day 2)

  • Gr. 7 & 8 Immunizations

  • District Review Team Mtg (Jenn away)

  • Mental Health Conference (Tiffany away)

  • Joanne Stinson @ SView for Tiff/Jenn :) Welcome Joanne!

  • Food Sharing to Sherry ($10 if possible)

  • EA/ECE Supervision Preference Forms due to office

  • Subway

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Hello...are you ready for a carpool?

Adele Carpool Karaoke