By: Bailey Pate


  • Physical Properties- copper/reddish color, good conductor of electricity and heat, can be bent into shapes, it's melting point is 1083.4 +/- 20 degrees C, it's boiling point is 2567 degrees C, and it's density is 8.9 g cm -3 at 20 degrees C.
  • Chemical Properties- copper reacts to oxygen in the air.
  • Where is it Found? found from a copper ore, then it is put through a series of processing to refine and purify it.
  • Uses: used in electrical generators and motors, electrical wiring and in electric goods.
  • Common Compound it Forms: copper sulfate ponta hydrate
  • Reactivity: hot, concentrated sulfuric acid
  • Isotopes: Cu-63 Cu-65
  • Copper: don't in just, not usually harmful okay to handle.

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For all those interested in our fantastic element copper, you've came to the right place. This element is used for many different kinds of things, and can be very useful in the electrician business. It is used for many things, one in which it it used for electrical generators and motors. It is also used for electrical wiring and in electric goods. Copper is a very important element in our everyday lives. Many of the technologies we used today consist of copper. Copper is very important to us and it's a very useful resource