by: Landrie Hannah Chloe and Haylee


Texas has been in drought for many years. In fact Texas has been in drought almost every year since the dust bowl in the 1930's. Because of this, scientist are trying to come up with a solution to this problem. Farmers have problems watering their crops so soon, this drought problem will turn into a food problem as well.

Our invention and how it works

That is why we came up with the newest and improved SWAM!!! The Swam stands for super water alteration machine. It helps with conserving and creating water around the world that is needed. Just simply type in your house code it will do voice recognition and why you need it. But be careful because it can sense if you are lying or not! If you give it a reason of why you need water from that and it's not important then it will reject you. The SWAM can be really effective and helpful because it takes hydrogen and oxygen from the air and makes water that it then filters. This is great because the water can be transported to any other SWAM in the world if that SWAM is slower at processing the water.