Super Important Updates

2nd 9 weeks News

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Learning Walks

Please remember that since we do NOT have New Learning time in December that you MUST complete this month's learning walk on your own. You may certainly pick a day (non PLC day) as a team and go do one if you would like because as your feedback states, "It is easier to do as a team."

Don' forget to record who you spoke with AND sign the green card outside the door!

Forms can be found in the workroom on the wall by the door to the office.

MOY testing

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DRA and EDL testing

Please start making a plan, organizing your testing materials, and refilling your kit for DRA testing (as needed).

Remember that you must test any student who was NOT on level at BOY (the beginning of the year) AND/OR any student you suspect to NOT be on grade level at MOY (the middle of the year). WHEN IN DOUBT... TEST!

ALL RETESTED DRAs MUST BE TURNED IN TO MY BOX/OFFICE BY JAN. 16. Please include a sticky note on top with your name so I know where to return them!


Remember that any student who qualified for PACE ON PROBATION needs to be retested to ensure that they are still one full grade level above. This was stated to parents in the PACE letters that went home after the first 9 weeks.

I have attached a list of PACE students who ARE on probation. Please test these students and place their DRAs in my box/office.

If the student no longer qualifies then they will receive a parent letter that exits them from the program and Catherine will need to be notified.


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Your kits are due for pick up on January 6th! Please have them in the foyer by the window in stacks of 4 tubs for a quick and easy pick up. Remember if you forget to pack something, or don't place your kits in the foyer in time, it is your responsibility to get the items back to the Science Materials Center in a timely manner.

Hang in there!

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