The Federalists

and the Federalists Papers

So Who are They?

“Liberty is to faction what air is to fire...”
James Madison, The Federalist Papers

We were a young country making our way, making mistakes and learning as we progressed.

The Articles of Confederation was our first attempt at government and it was not proving to be a viable foundation for the country. The States had most of the power and each was looking out for it's own interests. Other countries found it difficult to conduct business with the new United States and more importantly, so did foreign businesses.

The Federalists were pushing the public to take serious examination of the Articles of Confederation and make change.

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Federalists VS. Anti- Federalists

The new proposed government of the Constitution was getting much attention of those in favor (the Federalists) and those opposed (the Anti-Federalists). Read the first page about the Federalists and then click next to learn about the Anti-Federalists. Compromise and amicable solutions were found to resolve the problems with the new Constitution.

QUOTES from the Federalists Papers.


James Madison

* delegate to the Constitutional Convention

* referred to "as the "Father of the Constitution"

* helped frame the Bill of Rights and enact the first revenue legislation

* President Jefferson's Secretary of State

* Madison was elected President in 1808

* President during the War of 1812 with Great Britain. In 1814, Washington was invaded by British troops and the White House burned.

Dolly Madison, wife of James MAdison, saved the famous portrait of George Washington (which hangs in the White House today) and other important items.