American Teens Lie, Cheat & Steal

Chuck Colson, BreakPoint

Important Quotes

"Admitted stealing from a store from a store within the past year."- Its important because it shows that teens have stolen stuff from stores.

"Satisfied with their personal ethics."- Its important because some teens like what they are doing.

4-6 vocabulary words

contemporary ethics- the study of right and wrong.

Future- at a later time.

Attitudes- The emotions of a human and how they act toward each other.

Satisfied- happy with what u done or pleased.

Main idea

The main idea is that it shows how stealing, cheating, and lien are destroying their future and if they keep acting that way they could be leaders and could show other nations how America can be.

Authors purpose

Wants to let know Americans how American teens are and have to change that or they will ruin their future.