Pine Island Parent Press

November 2017

From the Principal's Desk...

WOW! What a fantastic start to our year!! We have had so many amazing things happening here at Pine Island that I look forward to what the next few months will bring! Keep reading our One School, One Book-- The One and Only Ivan--- students are enjoying answering their trivia questions about the book and having conversations about what they have read. Also, our students have really stepped up to all of the leadership jobs that we have going on right now-- and they are really helping our school run smoothly! It was great to see so many of you coming out for Parent/teacher Conferences -- your partnership really helps your child!!

- Mrs. Stacy Reehl

Student Drop Off

Please remember that students should be dropped off in the parent parking lot area adjacent to the gym (this includes 3rd graders). We have seen an increased number of students being dropped off in either the bus lanes or the staff parking lot. Both of these scenarios can lead to students being placed in harm's way. Please help us keep our students safe by dropping them off in the proper area. Thank you!

Help Make Feet Happy!

We are continuing to collect our shoes through December!! We would love for you to send them in-- remember-- any new or gently used shoes we will take. We are encouraging our students to ask neighbors, grandparents, friends, and anyone else they may encounter. We are also still looking at trying to partner with a few parent workplaces!! IF you are interested, please contact the office at 254-5500 and we can get you a box. Thanks to all who donated so far.. we have collected over 600 pairs of shoes so far!

Dress for the Weather

It is very important for our students to be dressed appropriately for the weather. Students spend time outside during the school day. Please be sure that students are dressed appropriately for the weather and label all articles of clothing.

Family Lighthouse Take home bags

How exciting! Have you turned in your slip yet to participate in our family habit bags? The special habit bags come home and have an activity for you to do as a family. Once you have completed all 7 bags-- you are then a LIGHTHOUSE family! We have a board waiting for the family pictures!!