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About Anna

I recently finished up my training and am really excited to start babysitting. I am 12 and really good with younger kids. I also love to play sports and go to Lamar Middle School. When I babysits, I would prefer that there be a list of where things are, bedtime (if at night), and phone numbers. I can't stay out past 10:00 during the week but can stretch that a little on the weekends. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Every time I babysit, I will bring a little something special, depending on the kid. I will always try to make the kid feel comfortable and play with them. Kids are always different, and I understand that so I will always try to make them comfortable. Even though this is a babysitting flyer, I am still open to petsitting.

Days that won't work for me:

Most Mondays and Wednesdays I will have soccer, but during the summer I'm usually all free. On Saturdays during the school year I will likely have a soccer game but those are mostly in the mornings and early afternoon. But please, even if there might be a conflict, always feel free to ask if I'm available.


I will try very hard to get your kids to bed on time, even if it takes a little work, storytelling, and lullaby singing.

Things I would like to know beforeand:

Date and about how long I'll be needed

Kids age and number of kids

If there are any pets

I hope you will contact me to come babysit for your kids!