The Universe

By Faith Merritt


The Universe is huge. So big that we still don't know much about it even with NASA and astronomy scientist studying it. We still are trying to get answers, like how it started, when did it start, who was the first to discover that there's more than just the World out there but also thousands of stars and planets. The Universe is still relevant today. It's related to today since we are still learning about it. Being raised with different religious backgroungs, I've learned we all have one thing in common, one thing that brings us all together, the Universe. It affects me because it helped me take somethings in perspective. Like when i have a problem and I'll just think how big the Universe is and then those problems seem so small compared to everything else going on and how I am really lucky with what i have, and nothing is impossible. I will use the new information I learned to study the Universe more. NASA is still learning more and more everyday. If I keep up with learning about it I will understand better when i'm older.
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“This illustration shows the three steps astronomers used to measure the universe’s expansion rate.”

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