Rights of the First Amendment

The five rights of the first amendment.

Freedom of Religion

Freedom of religion is the right to be able to practice any religion or belief. This is also the first right listed on the first amendment and is most regarded.


I believe that this picture displays Freedom of Religion because it shows the world next to different various religions. The various religions display variety and how people are free to choose what or not to believe in.

Freedom of Speech

The second right stated on the bill of rights, freedom of speech, supports the right to state what one believes without being censored as long as it doesn't harm or hurt anyone.

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The picture above signifies that the United States is a country which allows free speech.

Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the Press allows people to view the news or Press without the information being altered by the government.
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The picture above explains that the press has the right to state and provide information to their will.

The Right to Petition

The right to Petition allows people to appeal or request laws. This allows people to make a petition without being hurt or punished.

The picture to the left shows the meaning of the right to petition. It gives people the right to write and sign petitions.

The Right to Assemble

The Right to Assemble allows citizens to form associations and hold meetings. This allows people to hold groups and such.

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The picture above shows people using their right to assemble, by assembling to boycott against corruption.