US Army

General Facts, Family Life, Army Brats

General Facts

The number of soldiers in the US Army is the lowest it has been in 10 years with 498,642 active soldiers as of November 2015. Army soldiers can be in the air, ground, water, underwater, or underground. A lot of people die in the army, but they are willing to do anything for their country.

Being in the ARMY makes you risk your life


The family has to get used to moving and making new friends. Sometimes it can be fun moving and other times it is not fun. It is really hard on young children to stay on a plane for a long time or to change schools so much. When the loved ones are deployed it can be hard on the mom or dad who stays behind. They never get a break because of the kids. They miss their husband or wife.

You Have to Graduate to go into the ARMY


Army Brats are the children of the deployed soldiers. The kids have to do a job by letting their loved one go and believe their loved one will come back. The name came from the British Army. They gave this name to wives and children who traveled with them when they were in the Army, but the name was later changed to mean only the children. The abbreviation means British Regiment Attached Traveler. April is celebrated as the month of the military child, AKA "BRAT." Once you are an Army BRAT you remain an Army BRAT for life, even if your loved one retired from the Army.