St. Joseph's Day

The Forgotten "Delicious" Italian Holiday

Caputo's Bakery in Long Branch, NJ continues the Italian tradition making the famous St. Joseph Zeppoli from February till April every year!

Watch How We make our St. Joseph Zeppoli !

St. Joseph's Day Zeppoli - Caputo's Pastry Shoppe - Long Branch, NJ

St. Joseph's Day

Wednesday, March 19th, 7am-7pm

444 Ocean Blvd

Long Branch, NJ

What is St. Joseph's Day?

San di Guiseppe

St. Joseph’s day is March 19, two days after St. Patrick’s Day. It is a festival held in honor of Jesus’ step father, Joseph. A terrible drought occurred in Sicily during the Medieval Ages. St. Joseph answered the Italians prayers and brought the drought to an end. The Italians express their gratitude by holding the San Guiseppe or St, Joseph’s Feast each weekend after St. Joseph’s Day.

One of way Italians celebrate the holiday is by frying up Sfinge di San Guiseppe, or St. Joseph zeppoli. Caputo’s Bakery continues the Italian tradition by celebrating the festival each year and making traditional St. Joseph’s zeppoli in Long Branch, NJ.

What is a Zeppoli?

A St. Joseph Zeppoli is not the zeppoli that you buy at a fair!
It is fried dough that is stuffed with traditional, delicious fillings made in honor of St, Joseph's day! A red cherry is added on top with a sprinkle of powder sugar and it is ready to eat ! YUM

What is Caputo's?

The bakery is currently owned and managed by Joseph Caputo who has continued his family traditions of Italian baking. Joe is a 5th generation baker at Caputo’s Bakery located on 444 Ocean Boulevard, Long Branch, NJ 07740. The bakery uses all traditional-family recipes that derive from the original which opened in 1923 in Brooklyn, New York 90 years prior.

Available today is a variety of Italian cakes, cookies, pastry, breads and pies, made using original recipes and fresh ingredients and family secrets.

Come Visit us in Ursala Plaza in Long Branch, NJ and try a Traditional St. Joseph Zeppoli