Chronic Football League Ledger

Friday, August 19, 2016

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Hail Hail The Gang's All Here!

Welcome back to our 26th season of Fantasy Football, The Year of the Viking. I was just trying to explain to my son how we played fantasy football before the Internet...Monday morning newspaper box scores, handwritten stats, envelopes stamped and mailed before Thursday, pickups made via telephone calls to the Commissioner and trades consummated with a handshake at the bar. Crazy how far we've come! I am happy that you are all along for the ride once again.

Relative newcomer Kosinski put on quite a show last year making key acquisitions throughout the season's second half to secure his first championship. Can he repeat? Not if nine other owners have anything to say about it. Let the games begin!

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Draft Day

Your calendars should already be marked, but just in case you forgot...

We always draft the day after Labor Day. This is Tuesday, September 6 this season. The first selection will be made at 7:30pm cst (Listed as 8:30pm est on espn).

The draft order is set to randomly be generated by espn one hour prior to drafting.

If you cannot attend part or all of the draft, please remember to turn on autopick prior to departing the festivities.

Honey Do List

Please adhere to the following requests in a timely fashion.

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Join our ESPN League Site

Please check to be certain you can log in to our Chronic Football League Page on ESPN,

If you're really ambitious, you can edit your pre-draft rankings and autopick selections to help expedite our draft.

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Pay LeagueSafe

You should have all received an email invitation to join our LeagueSafe site. The worst part about fantasy football is collecting dues. I wish there was a more ideal way to do this, but I hate chasing down delinquent owners, so I am once again relying on LeagueSafe to do my dirty work. Please contribute your funds by Labor Day, September 5 to our LeagueSafe Page, It is a real pain-in-the-ass paying people out, when an owner refuses/forgets to contribute their funds to this location (McCarthy!!!)