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In the News... Sept. 25, 2016

HI all! I am sorry our newsletter is a few days late, but Friday was a BUSY day with all our apple activities. We had a blast all week learning about apples and visiting The Apple Orchard at Altapass. If you have not followed us on Twitter or liked us on Facebook, you should! I've posted highlights from our virtual field trip there! We heard stories, danced to bluegrass music, discovered the history of the apple orchard, and tasted some delicious apples. The kids really had a great time. If you ever head up to the mountains try to visit this historic orchard. I promise you it will be worth the trip!

I promised the kids I would share the link to the Wide Open Bluegrass Festival that will be in Downtown Raleigh next weekend: Sept. 30-Oct. 2. They fell in love with this music. I have never been to the festival, but Mrs. Ratliff has and she shared with the kids all the fun that happens there. Check it out if you get a chance. Here is the link:

Conferences are going well. I have 8 more to go this coming week. Please check your child's Friday folder to see when yours is. I am looking forward to meeting with the rest of my families.

Many thanks to Mrs. Sauers, Mrs. Cassone, & Mrs. Dixon. These ladies will be planning our Fall Party which will be on Friday, Oct. 14th at 9:45. You are all welcome to come and join in the fun. This is our Fall Class Social. It's always a lot of fun. If you would like to help these ladies plan our party, send me an email and I will let them know. I hope to see you all there =)

Many of the kids have brought in flex seating and they are loving it. It's working out really well. I would love to get a some different types of seating to share with the kids. Please check out my wishlist below to links to some seating that I would love to have donated to our room if possible.

I hope you guys have a great Sunday! Tell the kids I said hi and I will see them tomorrow!

~Ms. Gower

The Wonders of Balance...

Check out our Science experiment to see if a pencil can balance on its tip. We had so much fun exploring and discovering if this was possible!
The Wonders Of Balance


  • Report Cards~ These go home on Friday. Please look over them and let me know if you have any questions.

  • Twitter/Facebook~ Please follow us on both these social media sites. It's a great way to see the happenings in our room and what your child is up to throughout the day/week. I've posted some great projects that we've done on both sites. It's an easy way to share them with your family too.

  • Many Thanks~ Apple week was a success! It wouldn't have been possible without Ashton's Nana, Mrs. Findeisen, Mrs. Rundgren, Mrs. Price, and Mrs. Sauers. These ladies sent in supplies needed for this special week! We so appreciate you!

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