6P News

April 26, 2016

Upcoming Events

5/5: Spring Concert

5/6: Farm Day

5/13: Junior High Visit

5/19: Crumbaugh Library Book Fair

5/20: Awards Ceremony

5/20: Bike Hike

Kidpreneurs Project

Having finished up our alternative energy unit of study, we have begun a short unit on economics. We will use the Kidpreneur program to explore concepts such as supply and demand and business start up costs.

As part of this unit, all sixth grade students will be designing their own businesses, where they must specialize in the production of a product, market the product, design a business plan, and reflect on their business decisions. They will work, alone or in groups of no larger than three, to actually produce items that the other students of LES will have the opportunity to 'purchase' in mid May in a business fair setting during the school day.

Students will have time in school to work on their business plans and to work to produce the items they are going to sell. The items that the sell in the business fair will be kept by the other LES students who purchase them with our simulation currency. We will brainstorm products in class, but I want to let it be known now that each student is to spend no more than $10 outside of school for this project and no food items or rainbow loom projects will be permitted as products the sixth graders can produce. We hope to allow students to begin production of their items late next week.

Please Check for Books at Home

Our district librarian, Mrs. Marcy, will leave next week for maternity leave and will not be returning before the conclusion of the school year. I would like to ask that each family take some time this week to help students look through their backpacks, bedrooms, etc. in search of books belonging to the school. I want to ensure that students have properly returned both library and my personal books prior to Mrs. Marcy's leave so that families are not fined for overdue or missing school materials.

Bike Hike

Please mark your calendars for Friday, May 20. Sixth grade will be going on the annual bike hike sponsored by the physical education department. Students must have helmets and a water bottle for the event. Additionally, students are required to bring a sack lunch with them on the day of Bike Hike as we will be out of the school building for the majority of the day. Permission slips have already been distributed to students should be returned to school no later than May 13.

As we are making preparations for Bike Hike, there are some items that we will be in need of for it to be a success. We are in of:

  • Large coolers of ice water for students: They will refill the water bottles they bring with them from these containers throughout the day.
  • Unscented hand sanitizer
  • Extra helmets for students without them

Please email me if you are able to provide any of these items.

Summer Reading & Math

While it is not a requirement for students to continue reading or practicing math over the summer, I want to share some learning opportunities that students will have.


  • Barnes & Noble Summer Reading Triathlon: Students who read 4 books over the summer and fill out a Barnes and Noble reading log are able to earn a free book from Barnes and Noble. I have the handouts and information and will be distributing the materials to students within the next week.
  • Sync Audiobooks for Teens: For the avid readers in class, I would suggest looking into the Sync Audiobooks for Teens program that begins May 5. This program, intended for students 13 and older, allows participants to download 2 free audio books each week of the summer. Information can be found at http://www.audiobooksync.com/.
  • Crumbaugh Library Reading Program: Students received packets early this week about Crumbaugh Library's summer reading program.


  • Khan Academy: Students are encouraged to continue practicing grade 6 math concepts through their Khan Academy accounts that they have been utilizing since the first week of school.
  • Summer Math Packet: Before the last week of school I will email home a math review packet and answer booklet that I have put together for students who want to continue practicing math over the summer.

Bonnie Pollock

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.