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March 2017


Rotterdam is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and one of the largest ports in the world. Starting as a dam constructed in 1270 on the Rotte River, Rotterdam has grown into a major international commercial centre. You will be able to see it all on the Rotterdam Harbor Tour!

Pilgrims Church

The history of the Old or Pilgrim Fathers' Church goes back as far as 1472, when the Roman Catholic church of St. Anthony was consecrated on this site. The oldest known

In 1608 a group of English religious dissenters fled to the Netherlands. They had left the Anglican church a few years before and had founded their own religious community.

After living in Leiden for eleven years, they decided to become Pilgrims and cross the wide waters to America, where they might worship God in their own way and still be Englishmen.

The great adventure started in Delfshaven, on 21 July 1620. There a ship awaited them, the Speedwell, that was bound for America. According to the chronicles the Pilgrims Fathers knelt down in prayer on the quay near the church, that was later to be named after them.

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See Rotterdam from the Euromast!

Euromast is an observation tower in Rotterdam, Netherlands, constructed between 1958 and 1960. It is a listed monument since 2010. It has a "crow's nest" observation platform 96 m (315 ft) above-ground and a restaurant. Originally 101 m (331 ft) in height it was the tallest building in Rotterdam. It lost this position to the high-rise of Erasmus MC (113.5 m, 372 ft) which was completed in 1968, but regained it when the Space Tower was added to the top of the building in 1970, giving an additional 85 m (279 ft). Euromast is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers.

Eat a Pancake on the Pancake Boat ride!

Dutch pancakes are served while you see the Rotterdam Harbor. Grab a pancake and go to the toppings bar to make your pancake your own. Enjoy your pancake while all the major sites of Rotterdam are highlighted in this delicious and informative tour.
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