Gracey BIngham

The Story Behind Cheerleading

Cheerleading or cheer for short is more than just girls or boys who are cheering a football team or basketball team on, they have to learn dances, stunts, tumbling, positions, jumps, kicks, formations, and its all counted by eight counts. The cheerleaders have to learn a three and a half minute routine that the girls and boys have to practice over and over again until it's perfect. When you think about cheer you would think of high school girls and boys who are snotty and only there for the attention but that's not it at all. Some are snotty but they are there for the love of the sport not for the attention, even though it doesn't hurt to get it. Cheerleading ranges from all different ages and all different leagues and competitive teams. Cheer comes with hard work, dedication, team work, and loyalty.
University of Alabama 2015 Cheer Division IA Finals

The Difference

Most people think that competitive cheer and league cheer aren't that different but they're wrong. They're different because competitive cheer has a entry fee, uniform fee, and a traveling fee. That's not including when they travel you have to play for the gas money, hotel, food, etc., so at the end you are paying more money than you wanted to but, its wroth it as long as you love the sport. Also competitive cheer doesn't cheer for football games or basketball games, all they do is go to competitions. One the other hand, league cheer you only have to pay for the entry fee, uniform, and the gas money but you don't travel so far away that you need to get a hotel. Another Reason they are differnet is that league cheer only goes to one competition and cheers for football games. Competitive cheer last all year and you are put on a team by your talent of tumbling, stunting, dance, etc. While league cheer last only from July to November unless you go to all-stars then it last till the end of December and you are put on a team by your age so no one get hurt. The biggest different is that competitive cheer has a lot of more complicated stunts, tumbling, and dance while league cheer doesn't do as complicated things. Once you get into high school and college you cheer for football games and basketball games but I don't know how many competitions they go to by I thing in high school they only go to one or two.