Underage Drinking

Alcohol free is the way to be

The drink you take puts everyone at stake!!


Nearly 30 people are killed every day by drunk drivers.

This amounts to 1 death every 51 minutes!

Problem of underage drinking

according to a survey asking high schoolers about their drinking habits in the last 30 days,

  • 35% drank some amount of alcohol
  • 21% binge drank
  • 10% drove after drinking
  • 22% drove in the car with someone who had been drinking
  • in 2010, about 189,000 ER visits of those under the age of 21 were due to consumption of alcohol
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Consequences of underage drinking

  • Many times uncontrolled drinking results in death, for those both over and under 21
  • it is illegal, so if you are caught you will be arrested
  • there are many long term repercussions (physically and mentally)
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