Middle Tennessee Christian School

Extended Care

You Need To Know...

This Friday is not a "normal" day! It is parent/teacher conference day - extended care only day. Please know you're schedule for this day. If you have any questions or forgot what you were working, please let me know!

Fall Break

Fall Break reservations requests went out today. I should have a good idea in a week and will be able to give out an official schedule. My plan is to have everyone housed at the big school for Fall Break!!

Preschool Walkie's

PK peeps, please make sure you have the walkie talkies on you and turned on. You may not need them, but in case of an emergency, you can quickly communicate with each other. YOU MUST HAVE THEM ON YOU EVERY DAY. Please make sure you are abiding by this rule!!
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Thank-you for all that you do!! I am blessed by each and every one of you!!