What's Cooking in FACS!

7th Grade Family and Consumer Sciences with Mrs. Bodkin

Coming to a Close

We are having a great time in FACS this year and most recently completed our sewing lessons. I hope that your children enjoyed creating both their felt friend and their own Trailside Pillow! All of the students did an amazing job and can now do the mending in your household!

To end the semester we will be working on Cupcake Wars. Students will work in small groups and create a Cupcake Business complete with a signature cupcake recipe, company name and slogan. The groups will design a business card, magazine advertisement and a presentation. Additionally, the groups will complete a Workplace Math Readiness Sheet in which to establish the prices they will sell their cupcakes. Students will then present their business to the class and the class will rate each recipe with stars. For example, a Five Start Hotel etc. The winning group will be named in the morning school announcements and the entire class will prepare the winning cupcake recipe. The students are very excited about this project.

Charmayne Bodkin

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I have enjoyed your children so much and am sad to say goodbye.