Yeast Breads

By: Kierrea Stone

Define Yeast

Yeast bread is a type of bread that calls for one of two yeast dissolving techniques! Yeast is a leaven, it causes the bread to rise(fermentation).

Different types if yeast

  • Compressed Yeast~ Is an yeast that is compressed in very small blocks & its crumbly and, white and subjecting them to heavy pressure ,and mixing them to heavy pressure and mixing them with starch or flour
  • Active-dry Yeast~ Has a large granule and needs to be dissolved in water before using
  • Quick- rise Yeast~ It takes less time to rise and have to be made in a certain temperature


Kneading is a process where you are using your hands to make the dough smooth and elastic. Just work with the bread so it won't be really sticky

Don't over knead the dough or the bread will have a rough texture and the bitter will be bitter. Kneading is one of the most important steps in making breads! The purpose of kneading is to mix ingredients and add final strength to the bread! Allow Gluten to develop!