Juliet: Internal Conflict

By Mason Pratt


A person should always follow their heart, even if it leads to more conflicts between others.

Juliet's love for Romeo the Montague is becoming stronger by the day until Lord and Lady Capulet put a end to the secret love story, "You're going to marry a real man Paris, Not some Montague scum, fine i'll marry Paris... What did i just get me self into."' (Shakespear ACT 3, Scene 5). Juliet secretly married Romeo who is of the opposing family and loves him very much. She is being forced to marry Paris and she just can't find away around it, so she agree's. Inside her mind she is very mad and sad and is constantly crying because Romeo is being torn away from her. She eventually thinks up a plan to get out of the sticky situation by faking her own death, which leads to something bigger and ends up upsetting the family's even more. But, in the end she gets what she wants by dying next to romeo and and not paris

ACT 4 Scene 3

Juliet is getting ready to carry out the Friar's plan when a dirty little thought comes into her mind, "What if it be poison, which the Friar substly hath ministerd to have me killed." (Shakespear 1079 lines 26-27). Juliet has conflicting emotions on weather the potion is going to do what it was meant to do. She is debating on if she should take it and get back to her love Romeo by making her look dead so Romeo can get her in the Capulet tomb when she wakes and run off with him to Mantua or be sent into the deep dungeons of death. These two deffinatly conflict because of the saying Love or death, but she go's with her heart to get back to Romeo and cause the Capulet's great sadness and grief that she will no longer be able to marry Paris.

ACT 2 scene 2

Juliet ask to see romeo so they can talk about marriage and other things but knows that her father will not comply. "O' Romeo O' Romeo! wherefore alt tho Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name."(Shakespear 1023 Lines 35-36). Juliet is mad at her father and that her name is the only thing keeping her away from Romeo and it's eating up with saddness because all she can think about is Romeo. Even though her father will not like that she seeing a Montague, she follows her heart anyway, which leeds to a fight between Mercutio and Tybalt who kills Mercutio and then killed by Romeo banning him from Verona.
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ACT 5 Scene 3

Romeo's love for juliets leaves him to dye by her side but, really the potion hasn't worn off yet so she is still alive and wakes up to, "A cup closed in my loves hand...Poison, I see hath been his timeless end...[Juliet picks up Romeos dagger stabs herself and falls]. (Shakespear 1097 174,175. Juliet is now left all alone after Romeo had killed himself and she felt awfull and decided to take her own life so she could out lying by her love Romeo and This leeds to the two family's accusing each other and kept the fire under the feud for quite sometime.
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