A Peek at Our Week

Our Spectacular 1st-3rd Grade Class

June 3, 2016

We worked on our research project, wrote poems about our endangered animal, played with tangrams and geometry and made more block prints! Look for these prints soon!!

Here are the highlights of the week!!
Mary and Sarah from the Timberland Regional Library came to tell us all about the fun happenings this summer. There is so much going on...check it out!!
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We had a visit from my good friend (and past OCS parent!) Claudine who is a wildlife biologist. She shared her work as an Earth Hero surveying and documenting important habitats and communicating with lumber companies to help protect wetlands, streams and rivers. We love learning about jobs in the world that address the concerns we are so passionate about solving!
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Our trip to Cougar Mountain Zoo was well worth the drive!! Macaws, alpacas, lemurs, wallabies, cranes, cockatoos, tigers...many of which are threatened or endangered species.
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Friday Workshops

  • June 10th - Olivia, Laurel

Crazy Week Schedule! June 13th-17th

Monday - Pajama Day - Bring a stuffie and a blankie! And maybe a change of clothes for later in the day (it gets warm!!).

Tuesday - Book Character Day - Dress up as a character from a book and friends will try to guess who you are!

Wednesday - Crazy Hair Day AND Dream Lunches!!- How crazy can it get?!

Thursday - Field Day - Wear cool clothes, good running shoes, hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and bring swimsuits and towels for play in the fountain! We will spend ALL day at Capitol Lake. Bring sack lunches!

Friday - Rainbow Day - Pick one color or try to wear ALL the colors of the rainbow!

Important Dates

  • June 10 - Half Day
  • June 15 - Board Meeting
  • June 17 - Half Day/Portfolio Share - 11:00 Followed by Packing Party!!!
  • June 18 - End of Year Ceremony 11:00-12:00 play, 12:00-12:30 ceremony, 12:30-2:30 potluck/play