Cri-du-chat syndrome (Cat's cry)

Other names for Cri-du-chat

cat cry syndrome
chromosome 5p- Syndrome
5p deletion syndrome
monosomy 5p
5p- syndrome

What causes Cri-du-chat

It is caused by a missing part of chromosome 5. (it is really rare)

How is Cri-du-chat syndrome treated

Although there is no real treatment for cri-du-chat syndrome, children with the disorder can go through therapy to improve their language skills, motor skills, and to help them develop as "normally" as possible.

Can this individual have children in the future? Will those children be affected?

yes they can but its very rare that the offspring get the syndrome of the parent.


  • Cry that is high-pitched and sounds like a cat
  • Downward slant to the eyes
  • Low birth weight and slow growth
  • Partial webbing or fusing of fingers or toes
  • Single line in the palm of the hand
  • Skin tags just in front of the ear
  • Slow or incomplete development of motor skills
  • Small head
  • Small jaw
  • Wide-set eyes

How is it inherited?

Most cases of cri-du-chat are not inherited

Could this disorder have been prevented?

There is currently no known method to prevent cri-du-chat. Most cases occur randomly
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