Future Goals


Improve Communication Using Social Media

  • Facebook & Twitter to tell what we're doing
  • Pinterest or EduClipper to share information with targeted groups
  • Edmodo to share resources and help students
  • Smore or Tackk for online newsletters
  • Blogger to reflect and share ideas
  • Google Hangouts to broadcast trainings
  • ThinkgLink & Telligami or Voki to create library interactive tools

Continue Library Renovations

Many of our libraries are overcrowded and aged. We will continue to work at updating and improving these environments for our students as time and money will allow. Improvement needs include:

  • Comfortable seating for small groups or individuals
  • Tables that fit in the area provided
  • Additional shelves to fit appropriate number of resources (at most buildings)
  • Display areas
  • Technology to explore the resources

Connection to Tech Coaches

I'd like to tighten my connection to the building tech coaches to assist in facilitating professional growth in the area of technology and help to bridge the district technology and curricular services to the building level assistance