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The Murder in Greenwich Village BY: DAISY MELGAR GANDARA


In Greenwich village , in New York people look at others through there windows and see what other people are doing. Its like if there spying other people.

They notice every single sound, movement.

Resident Jeff was the one that capture every movement. He an Lisa where the main ones that discovered the murder that happen late night in the Greenwich apartments . They went along and figure out how Lars killed his wife . At first they where just watching all the neighbors and then someone cought Jeff's attention 'Lars' he was really paying close attention to him specifically Lars he was one of the neighbors that was never home and he would always would go in and out of his house .things start happening the dog of Jeff neighbor was found dead laying in the garden . Days passed by and Lisa and Jeff decide to take a look on the garden then Lisa decide to go inside Lars apartment and Lisa found Lars wife's ring she put it on but when she was about to leave , Lars came in and tried to grab her and take the ring away . Jeff saw them and call the police and the police got there but took Lisa to jail. Lars went to look for Jeff at his apartment and tried to kill him and through him through the window.The police came and took Lars to jail. Hours later they found Lars wife in the river. She was in peaces . Jeff and Lisa lived happy and calmly in the Greenwich village apartments ..



1. women work

2. most they do the jobs that men do

IN THE 1950S

1. women stayed home and be home mom

2. didn't have the opportunity to work mens jobs

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