By Kenneth Gary

Personal stuff

Nachos are one of my favorite things to eat.There is always melts cheese and crunchy chips and let's not forget about the savory meat.My favorite cheese to go with such a meal is cheddar cheese.My favorite chips are Tostitos and my favorite meet to go with that ground beef.


The original nachos were made with salsa.Other toppings like sour cream and chip dip and jalapeños were also added.some people use stake instead of the traditional ground beef.The modern cheese used for nachos is American cheese.

How it's done

The proses to making them is simple yet varies on the family recipe.In my family we first ground our beef and then cook it for 45-50 minute ,based on the servings.then we melt some cheese on top and mix it in the proses .Finally we pour a bag of chips in a container or plate ,and put the cheesey beef on top.I top it off with some sour crout and pecony sauce.Now that some sequential dinner don't you think?