6th Grade Technology At Lineville

By:Logan Calewarts

Typing Web

*I got better at my typing than what I was.

*It is fun to challenge you're self to see how fast you can type.

*You will personally get better at typing on this program.


*It was fun to see every ones trailer and what they did.

*I really liked to show the class what I did.

*every one liked the protect and so did I.

Haiku Deck

*I found out what I wanted to do when I got out of high school.

*You get to see what everyone wanted to do for their dream job.

*It is really fun to dig deeper on what you dream job does and if you want to do a different job.

explain everything

*We did a math problem and we had to explain how to do it.

*It was so fun to do because I love to do math problems.

*I think every one loved it because you could look up pictures for the project.

career locker

*I like career locker because it helped a lot for me to fined out my career.

*What I liked about it is it gave you a little summery of what the job is about.

*Career locker helped with the haiku deck and explain everything.


*Coding makes the brain think because you have to make cods to make something.

*It helps you if you want to be a video game designer because in that job you also put cods together.

*I liked it because I liked to make cods and it is really fun to do.