It's more common than you think

Depression In Teens

15-24 year olds are the most likely to have depression out of any age group, and yet we don't realize it. People ignore depression in this age group because most think it is just moodiness from puberty and school when in actuality it's a serious condition.

Problems With Society

In todays society we ignore these issues in all age groups because we feel like everybody has a condition nowadays but the truth is we do. some have worse conditions than others but new technology has allowed us to see smaller problems than we did before this doesn't make it less of a problem. Humans are never perfect we always have some sort of difference to us. that is what makes us human.

Symptoms Of Depression

Facts About Depression

-Around 20% of teens will experience depression before reaching adulthood.

-Around 5% of teens are suffering from major depressive disorder at any given time.

-Around 15% of teens with depression will develop bipolar disorder.

-Around 5% of teens will have dysthymia a mild long lasting depression.

Ways To Solve This Issue

-Scheduled counseling to every student twice a year, and further counseling if deemed necessary by the councilor.

-Less standardized test, studies show standardized testing increases the risk of anxiety and depression in teens.

-Remove oppressive news sources from popular channels and ban hate laws, such as Indiana's right to refuse gay customers law.