The Village Paper

By Tyler Zimmerman

Bad News!

Katrina (Kira's mother) died by a unexpected illness. Kira has no parents because her father got killed by the "beasts" and know she will either go to the field to die or stay in the main building for work.

Wanting Revenge

Vandara wants to send Kira out to the field and take her mother's land. Vandra wants to use the land for a pen to keep the tykes from running around everywhere and from stealing food.


At the butcher's shop is having a sale, "Buy one get one FREE (no more than three free)" It is a big sale. Don't be late, first come, first serve.

Spared! or is she?

From the Council of Guardians, we heard that Kira is spared from death, but will be doing work for them. Here is some words from Jamison, "One reason we kept her is she is great at sowing and she will take place for her mother." She will be working on the Singer's robe as you all know for the Gathering which is coming up soon. Now she will go to Annabella to learn the dyes.


The sewing place is looking for a scrap person to pick up scraps and a sewer. Please come in the next week at the second bell.

Dyeing place built!

They just built the fire and garden for Kira to make her dyes. She will have to make more for next year's gathering. She will have to remember what she was taught from Annabella.

Gathering Blue by Lois Lowery

I recommend reading Gathering Blue by Lois Lowery. Kira is a orphan that is a great sewer. She will ether go to the field to die or to take her mothers place for the Singer's robe. The Singer's robe is used for the Gathering every year. Along with the staff and singer. While on the journey she learns the dyes and the plants.
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The Gathering has Ended!

Everything is ready for the Gathering has just ended and it went very well. We got to see the Carver, the Sewer, and the future Singer! Everyone has attended the Gathering this year. Matt was also found during this after what seems to ran away.
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Info Wanted!

We saw a man walking around during the Gathering. 15 pounds of food for info of the man. Also, there is a rumor that it is Kira's dad was the man. Please get info if it is true or not.