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growing up

Sammy Davis Jr., born on December 8, 1925, in new York city began performing almost as soon as he could walk. Both of his parents, Elvera Sanchez she was a modvill star and a dancer to and at his age of 3 he proforma with his father Sammy Davis Sr., were vaudevillians who danced with the Will Mastin Troupe. Sammy Jr. became the Mastin Troupe's youngest member at age three. He became a regular at age five and traveled with his father on the shrinking vaudeville circuit. Sammy Jr. was able to dance very quickly in a style called "flash dancing." He danced so well that once, competing against older children, he won a silver cup and ten dollars. By the time he was eight years old he had appeared in two movies and at his age of three his parents separated from ache other and after the war war 2 he went to the army and after the war war tow he came back to new York to reclaim what was his the showbiz corer.


after war war 2 and hard situation

army and show dizziness and tradigis and his rights

Davis was drafted into the United States Army in 1943, when he turned eighteen. An African American sergeant, who taught him how to read, befriended him. He was constantly mistreated by white troops, however, with whom he shared living quarters. Transferred to an entertainment regiment, Davis eventually found himself performing in front of some of these same soldiers. He discovered that his energetic dancing and singing could.after the war war 2 he cam back to new York to take his showbiz after that in 1950 he became solo and did 2 out bums that were so successful they put him as a red liner in Vegas and new York

he was the newest star in broad way he was in intents wonderful and in golden boy both which were hug hits in November 1954 he oumost died by a car accented that smerd his face and got his left eye ruend and he fight right next with marther luther king jr marching with him to get ther rights

the happy tiems

  • after all of that he got merited by a sweetish acuter and they got 1 kid together and adopted 3 more and after theta he got merited to another 1 but she was a black lady and in the age 64 he was dead bieacas he was a great smoker and he got cancer after that and after all of that he was 1 of the best performer ever you will never get a man or a lady that can do all the things that he cold do he can dace sing and even performer he was truly the main event or the big hit in new York cite and a super star
Sammy Davis, Jr. Tap Dancing at The Palace Theater in New York Displaying Amazing Skills
Tom Jones & Sammy Davis Jr. - Comedy Skit
Sammy Davis Jr. sings 'Because of You'