directly from the castles of MacNeil and Leonard

Land of READ-A-LOT

Maidens and Lords read two Polacco story books this week. The students were great detectives when it came to finding characters, setting, plot, and theme for both books. We will continue with our third book next week and will be wrapping this unit up soon!

Missions in Math

The Kingdom took the unit 3 pre test on Monday. This new unit will begin next week. It will cover quadrilaterals and fractions. This week the students made unit 2 post test corrections and worked on the unit 2 "Real World Experience."

Soaring in Science

Our Kingdoms have been exploring six different materials in order to find the one that will work best to replicate an artifact!! They are working as small teams and testing durability, strength, weight, and overall quality of these 6 materials!! We hope to have our answer by Monday!!

WRITING that is Worthwhile

Our Maidens and Lords worked very hard organizing a MEL-CON this week. This type of writing is very detailed and requires the students to read two nonfiction articles and search for evidence that supports a given purpose question. This week we finished our organizers and wrote well developed paragraphs to persuade readers why we do or do not feel video games are rotting kid brains!!


  • The new district webpage was launched last week.
  • Please continue to visit our third grade blog for newsletter information and classroom updates. Go to! Once we have access to changing things on the new district site, we will have a direct connection from the district site to our blog!
  • Every student should be reading for their 300 minute monthly reading calendars!
  • Please wear a warm coat, gloves, and a hat for the 30 minute recess. It is too cold outside to have exposed body parts!
  • Report Cards will be sent home on Monday February 10, 2014!
  • Valentine's Day class parties will be Friday from 2-2:45. Students can bring cards for their classmate's, but must make sure they bring one for everyone. Candy is okay to hand out, but please no cakes, cookies, or drinks.