Welcome to the Prom


So exciting!

Prom is one of the most important days when you're young! All the girls have dreamed about it since their childhood. Of course, me too:) I and my classmates should do everything to make this night unforgettable!

My ideal prom night.

Well, I and my classmates should:

1. First of all, I should find a beautiful and suitable dress for me (now I don't know what dress I want, but think it will be gentle and air).

2. Choose my hairstyle, accesories and do my make up.

3. Choose fiery and jolly music, or our favourite songs.

4. Decorate our hall in special style, something cool and unusual with lots of balloons!:)

5. Food: many fruits, toddy or juice.

6. Not do a long programm, only show a short and interesting concert with competitions and plays for teacher, parents and other guests.

7. I think it would be interesting to select the king and queen of our prom. Hope the girls will agree with me!:)

8. Thank our dear teachers and parents for everything they done for us. ♥

9. And dancing, dancing, dancing! Having a wonderful time together!

10. Meet the dawn, of course. It's tradition for school-leavers.

11. Say each other "Good luck" or "May the odd be ever in your favor". ♥

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Getting Prom Ready: Makeup, Hair, + My dress!

The Prom

Monday, June 15th, 5pm

Zelva, Grodno Region, Belarus

Zеĺva, Grodno Region

With Love. xoxo