Bear Notes-Wk 26 Feb. 29th- 4th

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Note from the principal...


In the coming weeks I will be sharing excerpts from the CLASS - Dimensions Guide. Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) is brought to us from Teachstone in collaboration with SMU. Back in the fall CLASS observers were sent to our campus to evaluate our PK teachers. See results below. The CLASS observation tool is broken into three domains - Emotional Support; Classroom Organization; Instructional Support. The resources they provided are very good and I wanted to share portion of it, beginning with Emotional Support:

Positive Climate

What is it?

In classrooms with a strong positive climate, teachers and children are enthusiastic about learning and respectful of one another. Teachers and children develop warm, supportive relationship with each other and clearly enjoy being together and spending time in the classroom. Their interactions provide children with a secure base for learning and exploration of academic and social sills.

Why is it important?

Children are more motivated to learn when they feel happy, relaxed, and connected to others. They get more out of lessons when they are excited about participating. When the classroom climate is positive, children have a secure base for learning. Teachers and children enjoy being with each other and are able to get the most out of their learning time together.

How can I create a more positive climate in my classroom?

Enjoy time with children. - Share in fun, relaxing moment with children. During free time (such as recess) or while walking to lunch, take time to interact with children and enjoy being with them.

Make learning fun. - Look for opportunities to make everyday learning activities fun for children. Think about the things that make children laugh and smile and find ways to integrate these things into everyday activities.

Show your enthusiasm. - Make sure you let the children know that you enjoy your job and like spending time with them. If you are enthusiastic about classroom activities, the children will be as well.

Make positive comments and communicate your warm feelings toward children. - Look for opportunities to comment positively on children's efforts and participation. Clearly communication your warm feelings toward children. For example, tell a child that you missed her yesterday when she was home sick. Over time, you consistent positive interactions and warmth will help children feel connected to you and comfortable in the classroom.

Engage in social conversation. - Ask children questions about their lives outside the classroom, then remember to ask things that are important to them, such as family members or their outside activities. Take time to listen when they come up to tell you something exciting that happened to them.

Be respectful and personal. - Be respectful in interactions with children. Use their names when you talk to them and model the use of polite language, such as please, thank you, and you're welcome.

Facilitate positive peer interactions. - Encourage children to engage in positive interactions with each other. Teach and model the importance of sharing, helping others, and being respectful so that children can start using these strategies in interactions with their peers.

Next week... Negative Climate. And lastly, please make sure to remove all hearts/Valentines decorations by COB on Tuesday, March 1st.

Have an awesome week!


The extra degree!

So the questions were asked last week...What have you done lately that you consider to be the extra degree? What have you done that is going to be a game changer for you and your scholars? What new strategy have you implemented that is going to have a positive impact on learning? Well, Ms. McCraney answered with a strategy that is sure to change the game. After administering the 5th grade math mock STAAR she asked the scholars to write a "detailed" reflection about what they are not understanding and more specifically which questions gave them the most trouble. She also provided both reading and math teachers with specific feedback on what scholars were doing during the assessment. Moving forward this information will be invaluable to teachers as they prepare scholars for one of the most important assessments thus far in their educational careers. The test that will determine whether or not they promote to middle school. Thanks Ms. McCraney for that "extra degree".

So the new question... who have you seen adding an "extra degree"? Let me know so we can spotlight their actions in the Bear Notes.

Read Across America!

Read Across America Week Activity Plan

Celebrate Reading and Dr. Seuss!

February 29th - Mixed Up Monday

Wear mixed up/mixed match clothing!

(Shirts backwards, inside out, different patterns of clothes etc.)

March 1st – Top Hat Tuesday

Wear your favorite hat!

March 2nd – Wacky Wednesday

Wear your wackiest socks!

March 3rd – Theodore Thursday

Wear favorite Dr. Seuss character t-shirt!

March 4th – Funny Food Friday

Wear green!

Eat green foods all day.

Congratulations to the two formerly know as...

Ms. Garcia - 1st grade teacher and Ms. Wiggins (Miss Shannon) - Food Services both were recently married. We wish each of you long and prosperous marriages that are filled with lots of love and laugher!

Black History Program/Soul Food Luncheon

Both were a success! Thank you to Ms. Butler, Ms. Reyes and Ms. Sias for putting together a wonderful show. The quality of each performances was amazing. And thank you to Ms. Vasquez for organizing the luncheon and to the TA's for set up and clean up.

Lean on me when you're not strong...

A special thank you to Ms. Butler, she did it again. She put together the Faculty/Staff Choir in 2-days. Thanks Ms. Butler. And I am confident when I say it was a ton of fun, I am speaking for all who were involved.

No PLC's this week!

Teachers please be sure to enter your tutoring data into SchoolNet.
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Additional TELPAS information...

Please be reminded that TELPAS Calibration is Mandatory for all certified teachers K-5. If you have not attended any of the calibrations sessions, you have missed the 1st set.

-In the spirit of assisting you, we will open up another session on Tuesday March 1 at 3:30. The final opportunity to retake is Thursday, March 3 at 3:30.

-This session will also be available for those that want to complete their second attempt. However please be mindful you must complete the Basic training for 2016 before your second attempt. If you are unable make this final opportunity it is your responsibility to work with Mr. Q and/or Mr. Tovar to arrange a time for you to complete the calibration activity.

-Also remember to select the grade cluster you have been assigned for the 2015-2016 school year. Grade cluster are as follows: (K-1); (2); (3-5)

PK CLASS (Classroom Assessment Scoring System) Results - Fall 2015

As indicated by the dotted green line Brashear surpassed the threshold in every domain. Nice work PK teachers and scholars!

P.S. Just to be clear...having a 7.0 in Negative Climate is a good thing. The higher number indicates lower levels of negative climate.

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Below is the MOY ISIP data for both English and Spanish. As we know ISIP has been known to be a predictor for STAAR. Those scholars entering 3rd grade on Tier 1 are more likely to pass the 3rd grade Reading STAAR.
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Upcoming Events

Jan. 11th - Feb. 29th - Extended Observation Window

Feb. 29th - Mar. 4th - Read Across America Week

Tue., Mar. 1st - All Valentines decorations should be removed by COB

Wed., Mar. 2nd - Random Spot Observations - ED, Dr. Wright

Thu., Mar. 3rd - Cliburn Musical Awakenings music education program; 1:30pm Grades 2-4

Thu. Mar. 3rd - Report Cards go home

Sat. Mar. 5th - Saturday School 8:30 - 11:30

Mon. Mar. 7th - Mandatory 5th Grade Parent Meeting 6:00pm

Tue., Mar. 8th - The Dances of Spain (Roots of Flamenco)1:30pm Grades K-3rd

Thu., Mar. 10th - Kimball/Roosevelt Principals' Data Meeting 9:00 - 12:00

Fri., Mar. 11th - Deadline for Hardship Transfers

Mar. 14th - Mar. 18th - Spring Break

Wed., Mar. 23rd - District Principals' Meeting 11:30am - 5:00pm

Thu., Mar. 24th - Kimball Principals' Meeting 9:00am - 12:00noon

Fri., Mar. 25th - Good Friday - No School

Tue., Mar. 29th - 5th Grade Math STAAR

Wed., Mar. 30th - 5th Grade Reading STAAR; 4th Grade Writing/Revising and Editing

Jacquelyn Burden - Principal

Affirmation of the Week - I take right action, guided by the all-knowing mind of the Source.

Quote of the Week -

"My success is a result of making better choices and recovering quickly from poor choices"

~ David Cottrell

Author of Monday Morning Mentoring