Glen Burnie High School

November 2015

Kindness Counts

Kindness counts. We know this simple statement is true. Each one of us wants to be treated with kindness and so do our students. Every one of our students seeks to be in a supportive learning environment in which they are empowered to strive for success in academics. Yet, many of them reach our doors each day fighting a battle in their life that may not permit them to be able to be ready to work, prepared to work, or even have the right materials with them each day. It is our job to welcome them with kindness into our classrooms and make sure they feel safe, engage them in encouraging conversation and provide them guidance to see how they too can strive for success. It takes consistent commitment, determination, and perseverance to achieve success in academics, positive attitudes and consistent attendance. It is up to us to teach our students that they can, with hard work, achieve SUCCESS.

Recognizing in our students the small steps they take each week on their path towards achieving success in all aspects of being a great student at GBHS goes a long way. Simply completing a Positive Behavior Referral, giving a high five, smiling at a student, greeting them in the doorway as they enter your classroom, inviting them back after school for extra help, rewarding them with a 2 minute break in class - all simple ways to show kindness to your students - goes a long way!

November is the month of reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for. We at GBHS have great teachers who give back to the students in their classrooms, give hours to school projects and motivate students to do great things. Thank you for all that you do each and every day for each and every student!



"No significant learning can occur with out a significant relationship" James Comar

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