Chancellor News and Notes

October 13, 2015

Still in the 90's and it's mid-October?!

While we battle our warm weather gripes, just remember this feeling in February when you're ready for summer to come back! Hopefully your parent conferences are in full swing if you are a classroom teacher, and don't forget your intervention teachers or SE teachers can also sit in on those conferences as needed to support. Remember, each student needs two conferences per year, and more if the student is struggling. If you have made phone calls, make sure you are keeping a phone log to document those calls home, as well as signatures from parents on progress reports, tests, planners, etc. If you need any help in reaching out to a parent, please see your supervisor for extra assistance, and we will do what we can to help.
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We have a returning Staff Member! Welcome back Aisha!

Aisha Johnson is back with us today from maternity leave! She had to drop off her handsome little boy this morning (which was hard, we know!) and is ready to get back to work as our primary reading specialist! Her new office is located in the 2nd grade hallway if you would like to give her a warm welcome back. And if you are new to Chancellor, feel free to stop in and introduce yourself to her sometime this week.

A few reminders:

  • Report Cards are due next Monday, 8 am! Yes, already! There are only 2 weeks between the first progress report and first report card, but the rest of the year you will have the standard 3 weeks between each progress report and report card. Remember to upload all grades up to the end of the grading period, which is this Friday, October 16th. For report cards, comments for conduct are more detailed, so be prepared to do a lot of clicking if it's your first time completing report cards. Don't wait until Friday if you can help it! We will start printing on Monday of next week.
  • Wedding Shower for Christina Li is this Thursday after school- come have some yummy snacks and toast the bride-to-be!
  • The Fall Festival is next Thursday! Is your team ready?

Fall Festival Donations

  • Please remind your students to bring donations for the Fall Festival. The flyer was sent out last week, but reminders help! You can also donate items for the fall festival, and earn a jeans pass! Please refer to flyer for items requested (examples: case of water bottles, case of soft drinks, large bag of individual chip bags, etc).
  • Chancellor Staff- earn a jean's pass for bringing a cake/pie/baked goods for our Cake Walk at the Fall Festival! Please bring your donation to Marie next Wednesday or Thursday and she will give you a fabulous jeans pass to use on the day of your choosing!
  • Yes, this means you can earn 2 jeans passes!
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TLW- or The Learner will...What?

Going back to our non-negotiables for Chancellor, remember you should have your content and language objectives posted for your subject areas each week, which should match your lesson plans. These should not stay the same every week, as what you are teaching changes (sometimes day to day!). Along with your objectives, you should have your focus/essential questions for your students, and/or sentence stem the students can use to answer these questions of what you are expecting them to know and understand. Please see your specialists and your ESL interventionists for more assistance.
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Red Ribbon Week is Coming!

This year's them is "Respect Yourself, be Drug Free!" Last year we had fabulous and creative banners from classrooms on last year's them "Love Yourself." Start thinking about creating a banner to display for Red Ribbon Week, and feel free to look at ideas from the website, Google, or Pinterest. If your class participates, please have your banner up by Monday, October 26th, the week we will be doing Chancellor's Red Ribbon Week (see your calendars for more details). There will be some nifty prizes for participants!
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Wear Pink on Thursdays to show your Support

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. Early prevention is key! Mammograms, regular self -exams and doctor check-ups are necessary preventative care measures to aid in early detection. This is a disease that touches close on all of our lives. Support the survivors, pray for the fighters, and remember those who have fallen. Thursdays in October we are wearing pink with jeans to show our support for breast cancer awareness. If you would like more information about breast cancer, or would like to donate to breast cancer research, The Susan G. Komen link is below.
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Random Movie Review

Went to this slightly against my will, and ended up loving it. Laugh out loud hilariousness ensuing throughout entire movie- highly recommended for mindless entertainment! And had a lot of adult-targeted humor, reminded me of the Shrek movies, good for kids and kids-at-heart alike. Now I want to see the first one, ha! Have a fabulous and productive week!