5 Murdered

by abolitionist John Brown

Senator of Illinois Stephen Douglas raised the issue of slavery in two territories. Stephen Douglas wanted to run for president but in order to do that he needed support from the Southern Democrats. To get support from both Northerners and Southerners Stephen Douglas brought up the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The Kansas-Nebraska Act was when the people in the territory decide whether it would have slavery or if it would be slavery free.

John Brown had a thought that he was sent from god to end slavery. May 24 was the night that John Brown gathered a group of New Englanders and brought them to Pottawatomie Creek , where a pro-slavery settlement was. That night everyone who was settled at Pottawatomie Creek was in bed ready to end their night, their night didn't end. The men were woken by loud shouts and screams and were dragged outside where John Brown killed five men in front of their families. Hysterical crying from the wives and children witnessing that their loved one was now dead and they saw it with their own eyes.