6 Mobile Apps Perfect for Grade 6

This app serves as an all purpose dictionary and thesaurus. It replaces the weight and space that a real dictionary takes up and is updated frequently. This can be used in a Grade 6 English class to help students to define and spell words, and expand their vocabulary. It also has a translator feature which is great for ESL learners.
The World Wiki App provides students with detailed global facts on over 200 countries. This would be a perfect app to use in Grade 6 social studies when learning about different cultures.
Evernote is a notes and web media organizer. It can help students to manage their notes and assignments in one place. It also has a recording feature which allows students to take "audio notes", thus reducing barriers for students with limited writing abilities or poor motor skills.
The google earth app is a mapping and geography tool. This app would be great for a Grade 6 geography class to help them explore topics such as the progress of human civilization and the effects of climate change.
The units app is an excellent unit conversion tool. This would be very useful for students in Grade 6 Math to help them convert to the appropriate units when doing measurements and calculations.
Voxy is a language learning app. This tool is perfect for Grade 6 ESL students because it creates personalized lesson plans that cater to the students' abilities and are adaptable for many types of learners.
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