Soundtrack for the exposition

Brendan Kiko Bennett Patricio and Ryan

Part 1

Q.Where is your story located? What is it like?

A. At school and sailboat. Like modern day

Q.provide a quote that supports this from

your book?

A. “Most days he just lies around the broken down sailboat that we live on, drinking and smoking and reading the sports page over and over.”

Lyrics: “I could lie, could lie, could lie, everything that kills me makes me feel alive.”

He could lie about his dad and his life but he does not.

Part 2

E. What is the time period of your book? How do you know?

Modern day time because there is cars and a regular public school. It also has toilets. They also talked in modern day lingo. Lived in a boat house.

F. Provide a quote that supports this from you book with proper citation (authors name, page #)

“They flipped me over and started dunking my head into a toilet filled with crap and piss”. Carl Deuker pg 12

G. Insert a song(with lyrics) or a video from youtube that displays what you discussed.

H. Briefly explain how the song or video supports your time period.

Because in a part in the song it sounds like a robot and robots are in modern time. The music sounds like i is in modern time and has a lot of technological sounds in it.

Part 3

Q: What is the main conflict of your book?

A: Chance needs money because his dad is a drunk.

Q: Provide a quote that supports this from your book with proper citation (Authors last name, page #)

A: Ducker “....decent sailboat.... but lousy place to live....It’s so small that my dad and I can hardly turn around without bumping into eachother”.

Q: Insert a song (with lyrics) or a video from YouTube that displays the conflict.


Part 4