Third Grade News

March Curriculum Update

Reading Workshop

We are beginning to explore the world of non-fiction! We're going to read all types of non-fiction and discuss strategies for reading this genre. We're going to be reading non-fiction chapter books in book clubs as well as making a "non-fiction" folder identifying different elements we may find in a non-fiction book. The students will be challenged to read about new topics, tackle tough and new words, and develop strategies for approaching a non-fiction text.

We have also been doing a "Reading Workshop Refresh" the past week and a half to review some key skills and strategies to help us be successful in reading.

Writing Workshop

We are publishing our persuasive essays this week and will begin writing Fairy Tales next week! The students have been really pushing themselves in our current unit and I am excited to give them a "treat" of writing their own tales (many of them have asked me about this unit since September). Even though it is going to be a lot of fun for them, they are also going to learn strategies on how to develop a character, establish a scene and setting, manage a plot, and have an "author's message."

As we have done all year, we will continue to use a mentor text to teach us effective writing and practice different techniques. We will also analyze sample writing, work with a Writing Buddy, and produce drafts of our writing.


We are finishing up a "Mental Math Review" this week where we have been reviewing old and learning new strategies for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing mentally and more efficiently. We are going to start the next unit on length at the end of this week. We will be able to identify different units of length (centimeters, meters, inch, etc) and the tools used to measure them. We are also going to be converting many of the units and adding and subtracting different units within a single problem.

Even though we move on multiplication and division we're going to continue to practice the facts in class. It is important that the students continue to practice the facts at home. We have used the "funbrain math arcade" as well as to practice our facts in class and the students can play these games at home as well!

Social Studies

We are currently giving our European presentations! The glogsters and posters are fantastic!! We are going to be finished with the presentations this week and have been filling out our passports based on the information presented by our friends. Be sure to check Facebook for clips of some of the presentations! We are going to celebrate our work on these projects and take a CRQ Assessment based on some of the work we have been doing the past month.

We are going to introduce ourselves to Asia next week and spend the rest of the month familiarizing ourselves with the countries, geography, and next adventure in the world's biggest continent.

Spring Break: March 17th - March 21st