Mrs. Myers' Memo

Friday, January 23, 2015

Half Day for Mrs. Myers

Today I have/had a sub in the afternoon. For this reason, I sent home all papers in their mailboxes yesterday. Purple words start next week, so I will send them home in folders today. Also, I hope the orange folders will come home today, but if things get hectic, this might get overlooked by the guest teacher. I hope every has a great weekend.

Please remember to:

  • have your child read their book three times this weekend and return Monday for a new one
  • keep studying those sight words (even past words, as they will sometimes forget them if not practiced often)

Lots of Learning Going On...

In addition to math, reading, sight words, numbers, and the other basics, we have been learning about other topics as well. This week we continued our study on the five senses. We wrote about them some more, watched some science videos about the senses, and then played a guessing game: I took away our sense of "sight" and hid something in a bag…using touch, hearing, and smell, they had to figure out what was inside.

We also learned all about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The most important topic regarding this amazing man we discussed was that he wanted us to all get along, regardless of our differences. We made an awesome poster hanging in our hallway labeled "Celebrating Our Differences." Each child told me something that made them special. It was a fun discovery about our friends in class!

For a special treat, we had an extra fun library class on Friday focusing on "snow." We will be doing a lot of writing and more around this chilly topic. Watch for writing (and the district grading rubric of that writing) to come home in a folder near you!

Thank you, thank you for the 100th Day party money! Our 100th Day Party is on Thursday, January 29th!